Olivia Wideman @ LS3P | 3.29 to 4.1

Hours: 16/17

Total: 162

This past week at LS3P i worked on RSIA.


Monday: I worked on adding tile in the bathrooms. Some areas were 12′ tall while others were only 6′ tall. These heights were important to get right because, in wet areas, they need to have good coverage. Areas with the 6′ tall tile went behind sinks and mirrors, vs showers which needed full height tile.
While doing this, I also learned how to do wall sweeps and split faces in Revit!


Tuesday: I worked on the tile some more and some redlines! After, I was able to search for appliances and fixtures to go into the school! ADA accessibility came into play during the discussion for appliances because it is important that everyone can access things like the dishwashers or washers and dryers. They did not want to have different counter heights, so it was important to find appliances that were under 32″ tall!


Wednesday: I finished finding the appliances and fixtures for RSIA and put their spec sheets into excel to be reviewed. After I learned a little about life safety plans, which tell about the amount of habitable space in a room, and I modified the boundaries on the floor plans.

Wednesday afternoon I got to go to a client meeting! They discussed the storyboard of the hallway, which is a timeline of the history of Robert Smalls from the early 1900’s to now! The client interaction was very positive and I got to experience how presentations look in the professional world! This was also one of my goals for the semester!


Thursday: I finished up the safety plans then worked more on some redlines.



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