Olivia Wideman @ LS3P | 4.5 to 4.8

Hours: 16.75

Total hours: 177.75

This past week at LS3P I worked on 2 new projects and I got to go to a design meeting for an electrical company.


Monday: On Monday I worked on painting diagrams for 2 Beaufort county schools. I went into Autocad and cleaned the plans up, put them into Revit, and diagramed it there. Once I finished, I printed them for my mentor mark-up.

Tuesday: I worked on the markups from mondayand learned how to create sheet notes and title blocks. Once I completed them, they were sent to the client, and they will be ready to paint this summer! After, I started on some redlines for the Marine Corp base in North Carolina! This was actually the same project I created a binder for at the beginning of the semester. It is a large federal building! The deadline was Friday afternoon so there was a lot of work to get done.

Wednesday: On Wednesday I worked on dimensioning the exterior and interior walls, cleaned up some gridlines, and some elevations on the sheets.

Thursday: I worked more on cleaning up some redlines and my coworker invited me to a design meeting they were having. At this meeting, they were throwing out program ideas, and we all got to trace some ideas over an existing building and program they had.



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