Week 6- February 17-February 20

Monday February 17 (President Days observed by Design Division) Tuesday February 18- 9am – 2pm The Upper Peninsula Neighborhood project Building 5 and 6. Start modeling building 5. 3o minutes meeting with Allen about Morrison Yard Project. Wednesday February 19 (Hours transferred to Thursday shift because of important meeting with Charleston Water System in Studio […]

Week 5 February 10- February 13

Monday, February 10. 9-12pm (3hrs). Meeting with Morgan to discuss project DD-158 King Street Study, Then finish Building 7-10 “The Foundry Apartment.” Focus on layering elements and work more on detailing windows, parapets, and cornices. Tuesday, February 11. 9-1PM (4hrs). Meeting with Allen and talk about details and focus on layering to simplify project understanding […]

Week 4- February 3-February 6

Monday, February 3rd. (9-12pm) Keeping up with project DD-158. Started working on the latest facades needed for rendering. Also, got “The Foundry Apartments” CAD drawings and started exploring the construction documents both before approval and before construction. Learned more about each of the 10 buildings that constitute the complex from the pdf slides.   Tuesday, February […]

Week 3- Jan 27-Jan 30

Jan 27- Worked 9-12- Continue working on project DD-158 KING STREET building facades, elevations, and alignment on SketchUp. Introduction to project number two with Allen.\   Jan 28- Worked 9-1pm- Project DD-158 KING STREET. Spent one hour on finding new construction buildings in charleston for the Design Division Building Library.   Jan 29- Worked 9-12- […]

01/21 King Street Project

Introduction to the King Street project (DD-158). Started working on the new segment of King street from Calhoun St. to Spring St. My tasks were to start including more details in the existing sketchup model created by Annie. Focus on facades details, roof parapets, and buildings alignment.

01/14 Project DD-162

Day 2 at work. Site visit during my whole shift, and documentation of site/street conditions. Visited 6 of the 17 mobile food vending locations by myself, took a lot of pictures for documentation. Mentoring by Allen concerning street signs in Charleston, SC. I spent the last hour of my shift uploading the pictures on the […]