Week 5 February 10- February 13

Monday, February 10. 9-12pm (3hrs). Meeting with Morgan to discuss project DD-158 King Street Study, Then finish Building 7-10 “The Foundry Apartment.” Focus on layering elements and work more on detailing windows, parapets, and cornices.

Tuesday, February 11. 9-1PM (4hrs). Meeting with Allen and talk about details and focus on layering to simplify project understanding through Google Sketchup. Ask questions and understand the important details and elements that need to be highlighted in modeling.

Wednesday, February 12. 9-12pm (3hrs). Meet with Allen and start a new project, “The Morrison Yard student living and office buildings.” Introduction to project and conversation about the “Upper Eastside projects development.” Discuss important aspects of model making for planning purposes and how to work efficiently with the computer models. Focus on visualization and details that are important to project rendering quality. Read CAD Drawings of the Morrison Yard housing and office buildings and start working on building geolocation, elevations and plan export using Adobe Illustrator.

Thursday, February 13. 9-2pm (5hrs). Working on the “Morrison Yard project ” Quick meeting with Allen to talk about Diagramming and elevations. Finish building massing and facades orientations. Start layering windows, parapets, and canopies as well as the streetscape around the building.



Learnings and improvements

One of the most important things that I did this week was to focus on layering. It actually helped me increase my work speed and also allowed me to simplify the buildings’ reproduction in Google Sketchup. Although it was sometimes hard to understand the elevations and the windows’ arrangements through the firm’s CAD drawings, I started working with diagrams for massing and layering for elements (Allen’s suggestions and advice). It was a big achievement and  Allen was eager to help me focus on that. “Layering, Layering, and layering.”

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