Week 6- February 17-February 20

Monday February 17 (President Days observed by Design Division)

Tuesday February 18- 9am – 2pm

The Upper Peninsula Neighborhood project Building 5 and 6. Start modeling building 5.

3o minutes meeting with Allen about Morrison Yard Project.

Wednesday February 19 (Hours transferred to Thursday shift because of important meeting with Charleston Water System in Studio V)

Thursday February 20 – 9 am-4pm

30 minutes meeting with Allen. Check my progresses on the Morrison Yard and Foundry Point Apartment. Discussion with Allen concerning improvements needed on Morrison Yard project and feedback on overall modeling effort.

Introduction to the Trident Deck Capacity Study (New project). Start documentation, photographs, mapping, and site analysis.

Find contact base for potential site visit at the Foundry Point Apartment.

Finish Modeling Building Number 5.

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