WEEK 6: Client Meeting

This week we finally had the client meeting to go over the Green Heart Garden project. There was a miscommunication on the orientation of the classroom. We had envisioned the acoustic wall as a barrier wrapping around the children having their back to it and facing the teacher. However, they envisioned it as a backdrop for the teacher. We also discussed replanting the existing jasmine vine on the exterior of the wall. We need to make these revisions before submitting a permit set to the city. They are super excited to get started and have set a deadline in 2 months to have the project done in time for their end of season farm to table dinner. The project will be built by volunteers and will be a great way to learn a little bit hands-on about construction!

Week: 19:30

Total: 101:30 hours

Monday – 4:00

  • Redlines on CDs (Project Planning & Design) 4 hr

Tuesday – 7:45

  • Redlines on CDs (Project Planning & Design) 6 hr
  • GreenHeart Garden On-Site Meeting (Project Management) 0.5 hr
  • General Meeting  (Practice Management)  1.25 hr

Wednesday – 4:00

  • Redlines on CDs (Project Planning & Design) 4 hr

Thursday – 7:45

  • Redlines (Project Planning & Design) 5.75 hr
  • GreenHeart Garden Revisions (Project Management) 2 hr
    • budget & timeline established
    • minor design revisions

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