Week 8 – Coker, Nicole – Daily & Weekly Reflection

Monday 3/28/22

Today I created a massing model to lower the height of an apartment building by two stories and extended the footprint. Community members in this area were concerned with the height and we are providing renderings to show what the building would look like minus two stories and extended over the car entrance.

AXP: Project Development & Documentation

Tuesday 3/29/22

Today I finished up the massing model and produced several views to use in the presentation.

AXP: Project Development & Documentation

Wednesday  3/30/22

Today I produced a couple higher-quality views and began to relay existing site dimensions onto our model for a project in Columbia.

AXP: Project Development & Documentation

Thursday 3/31/22

Today I focused on wrapping up the site dimensions and provided where discrepancies I found in the field dimensions for the team to go and check

AXP: Project Development & Documentation

Week Reflection:

This week I learned how community members are sometimes unapproving of projects that are going up in their city. While we as architects realized that two stories in height won’t be noticed to a pedestrian on the street level per say, we still put forth the effort to show the client and community the changes in order to let them know we hear their concerns and are using the tools we have to show them more options. This in turn creates a level of trust and allowing the client to feel they are influential in the design process.


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