Week 2 – Coker, Nicole – Daily & Weekly Reflection

Monday 2/7/22

After the big push for the Design Development set last week, there were a few things that needed edits with elevations and casework in the model. I spent my time working through those list of edits.

AXP: Project Development & Documentation

Tuesday 2/8/22

I finished up editing the elevations and other notes and had a call with my Mentor Andrew to discuss solutions to moving forward as I work remotely and making the best use of my time. We will be having a weekly call on Monday’s to establish where I am at and that week’s goals.

AXP: Project Development & Documentation

Wednesday  2/9/22

Today I jumped back on a project for USC – the Russell House Renovation. We are working on renovating the dining hall to be more on brand and bring it back to life. While I was in the office over break, I was able to visit, take field measurements, and photographs. We are currently prepping the model with furniture and finishes to produce renderings for the client.

AXP: Project Development & Documentation

Thursday 2/10/22

Today I focused on making edits to soffits, lighting, acoustical fins, and gathering finish textures to apply to casework and furniture for the client rendering presentation.

AXP: Project Development & Documentation

Week Reflection:

This week I was able to capitalize on my experience from last week by making a better effort to communicate when I am unclear or do not have the information I need. One of our interior designers in the office created a document labeling all the furniture and their finishes and sent me a link to this document. Upon opening it, I realized the information she created was not there, however, she was in Nashville for a different project and was not able to get me the updated information. I went as far as I could with ceiling edits and then made some calls to the office to get the information I needed in order to continue working. While I was able to prep all the finish materials, I was not able to apply them, so I communicated that information early so that someone else in the office could pick that up so we are not falling behind to produce the renders needed for next Tuesday’s meeting. I have learned the value of great communication so that projects are continuing to move forward.

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