Week 5 – Coker, Nicole – Daily & Weekly Reflection

Monday 2/28/22

This week I am working on USC Russell House Dining. We are looking at location options to accommodate the Dish Drop off carousel and reworking of bathroom locations because of these moves.

AXP: Project Development and Documentation

Tuesday 3/01/22

Today was all about Dish Drop off location and bathroom layouts. I also wrapped up placing kitchen equipment locations.

AXP: Project Development and Documentation

Wednesday  3/02/22


AXP: —

Thursday 3/03/22

Today I set up keynotes to label all the kitchen equipment on the Russell House Dining Plans

AXP: Project Development and Documentation

Week Reflection:

This week I learned how a project can change as the course of the process goes on. I was in the earlier meetings over Christmas break with the Russell House Project  and in that meeting it seemed to be settled the bathroom would remain as is and there would be finish work to update the bathrooms. Over the course of the week, due to the large dish carousel, we had to reevaluate the locations of bathrooms, storage, and the dish room, in order to keep the successful items within the layout and still achieve the clients needs.


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