Alex McKeel – 10/3 – 10/8 – Rosenblum Coe Architects

Total hours 16:

This week I continued working on the ChangeUp drawings for the Stokes Mazda renovations. I specifically added soffits, cutouts, and lighting to the reflected floor plans. I also worked on the floor finish plan and assisted a coworker on the exterior elevations, where we are re-cladding the concrete wall that is currently clad with EIFS. A few of the others working on this job and I had a brief meeting at the end of the week to discuss our upcoming meeting with the owner next Wednesday and what we wanted to show them. We also sent out the drawings to consultants this week for review.

Lessons Learned:

In discussing the upcoming meeting with the owner, I learned at least how this specific firm goes about presenting ideas to a client. We are using a powerpoint with our drawings and relevant photos or renders to show the differences between the existing conditions and what ChangeUp has proposed to meet Mazda’s image standards. We are looking to reach a compromise in these changes that will be cost effective for the owner and still be approved by ChangeUp.

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