Alex McKeel – 9/13-17 – Rosenblum Coe

Total Hours: 17

On Monday we spent the first three hours of work in our weekly staff meeting where we go over goals for the week and check in with the progress of each project. After that, I spent an hour filling in ASI’s and RFI’s on the Dorchester EOC project.

On Tuesday I worked for four hours on a brochure for a local real estate developer, making a 3D mock-up of a residential development that shows the potential use of a lot they are selling.

Thursday and Friday were spent making drawings for a ChangeUp project we are doing for Stokes Mazda in Dorchester. This included a site visit on thursday to verify the existing drawings and reviewing ChangeUp documents to see what changes needed to be made in the next phase of the revit model.


Lessons Learned:

The main takeaway from this week was learning how phasing worked in Revit while working on the ChangeUp documents. I learned that in Revit, you can start with the existing building and demolish certain walls and components throughout the different phases to show how a building is going to change during a renovation or re-imaging project. Apart from that, the site visit was very valuable to help me practice reading drawings and taking field measurements/notes.

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