Rosenblum Coe Week 3 – 9/10/21

Total hours: 13

This week I obviously did not go to work Monday for labor day. Tuesday we had our weekly staff meeting for about two hours, where we all met the newest hire, Chris, who moved down from Philly. Afterwards, I worked on transcribing and organizing meeting minutes for the Dorchester EOC project for another two hours. On Wednesday, most of the office was out during my shift at random meetings, so I just kept working on organizing meeting notes and minutes. After finishing that I bugged the few coworkers that were still there for more work and eventually got to do some as-builts for a fire safety renovation for a student residence hall on St. Phillip. On thursday there was still very little to do, as most of the office was out again, but I managed to be of some use working on finding any drawings or sketches within the RFI’s of the Dorchester EOC project that needed to be included in the conformed set.


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