Delaney Skelly – Blog Post #1

Weekly Entry: Log Summary – Delaney Skelly

Monday September 6th – Thursday September 9th

Time Worked 

  • Monday (Virtual Work)
  • Tuesday 9-3:00
  • Wednesday 9-12:30 
  • Thursday 9-3:00


Tasks Performed

  • Monday I worked just for a few hours virtually (Labor Day) organizing files and wrapping up all other projects to start my major project of the semester, the Cumbaa House 
  • Tuesday I spent the day creating tile drawings for every room in this house that was going to have tile installed. I created updated floor plans, elevations, and documents highlighting the tile sizes, upkeep and any special installation requirements 
  • Wednesday I finished these documents for the Cumbaa tile and updated the floor plans to include the new drawings
  • Thursday we drove to the site to do a walkthrough of the house with the owners, general contractors, and tile installer. I took the lead and was able to get first hand experience on what happens during a walk through. I took notes on any changes needed to be made and then went back to the office to edit those changes. I will have the edits completed and sent to the clients and tile manufacturer for the final order next week   

Work Accomplished (AXP Hours Earned) 

I am not sure how to log my AXP hours yet I need to discuss this with Ashley. 


Lessons Learned 

This week I was mainly focused on drafting. I was able to focus on the Cumbaa Residence which I will be working on for the remainder of my internship. I spent a lot of time drafting elevations and finalizing the tile. Thursday I learned so much. I was able to do my first site visit and it was very engaging and a fun experience. I was able to see what the construction environment is actually like and what happens during a tile walkthrough. I saw all of the little changes that happen on site as everything isn’t always perfect. It was such a great experience and I can’t wait to go back to the site. 


Records of Work 

Project Title: Cumbaa Residence Tile Selection

Project Location: Daniel Isle

Project Scope: New Construction Large Residence

Project Manager: Beverly Bohan

Role of the Student: My role was to take their tile selections from the website and insert them into the floorplans and create elevations to display what the tile would look like in scale of their home. I was tasked with completing all of the drawings and preparing them in a presentable way to show the clients during the walk through. I am tasked with making any edits that occurred during the walkthrough. 


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