Esther Odeke — Liollio Architecture — Week Two

LOG SUMMARY: 09/06-09/09   |   11 hours


09/06 – Labor Day


  • worked 4 hours
  • attended weekly team update meeting, heard updates on others projects and shared my own progress in my current project
  • continued working on floor plans in Revit
  • AXP Hours: 4


  • worked 3 hours
  • went through another Revit tutorial to learn more about the program
  • continued working on floor plans in Revit
  • AXP Hours: 3


  • worked 4 hours
  • continued work on floor plans in Revit
  • met with mentor to discuss progress and coming weeks
  • AXP hours: 4


Spending more time using Revit has helped me become increasingly confident in my ability to use it, and allowed me to greatly improve my skills. With no prior experience in the program, it has been extremely beneficial to learn from other coworkers.  This week I’ve also been able to learn more about how a firm operates. There are so many different moving pieces, with around 30-40 projects progressing simultaneously, but everything always comes together seamlessly. The practice of architecture is definitely a team effort, and I’ve really been able to experience that in these first few weeks.


This week I’ve continued with the VIERS project, and have worked towards completing many of the floor plans. Below are a few examples.


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