Alex McKeel – Week One

23 hours

Monday: As this was only my second day at the office, a lot of time was spent on housekeeping items such as setting up my computer login, company email, Ajera account, etc. I spent some time familiarizing myself with Revit and began working on a residential development project, creating a layout of 14,000 sq ft lots along a cul de sac.

Tuesday: I continued working on the residential planning project for about two hours and then spent some time entering information into a submittal log for the Camp Road Middle School (CRMS) project for the remaining two a half hours.

Wednesday: I worked on the CRMS submittal log for two hours. I then worked on exporting as-built drawings from Revit as .dwg’s for the Dorchester EOC client. We then had a lunch and learn during my last hour which focused on testing materials at a construction site.

Thursday: I worked on the CRMS submittals for about an hour. I worked the Dorchester EOC for two hours. I then spent my last half hour working on entering RFI’s, CR’s, ASI’s, and PR’s into the Dorchester EOC conformed set.

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