RJ Gross | Beau Clowney Architects | Week 1

This week I worked a total of 16 hours and earned 16 AXP hours.
I worked mostly on a project located on King Street close to the office, near Battery Park. We are designing and renovating a new kitchen, guest bedroom and bunkroom for kids. I worked on the interior elevations for this project. Later in the week we had to visit the site to double check our measurements. The pictures below are of the kitchen before demolition.
This week was a great for on site experience. We took measurements at the start, came back to draft the existing structure, made new plans with the changes, and came back to see the house after demolish to uncover changes that can be made now we can see the exposed walls.
Here are photos of the kitchen after demolition.
*Update: 09.20.21 removed clients names*

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