Baker Roddey | The Middleton Group | Aug 30 – Sep 4

AXP Hours: 16 Hours


This week I worked a few different things


1)Wrapping up a feasibility study

I put together a study for a few properties downtown. We specified elevations and flood planes, zoning districts, historic categorization, and general survey.

2)Casework Sections and Details

WOrking DD for a school, I have been tasked with creating sections and details out of casework elevations. I was awarded the office “good work” award on Monday for handling the tedious process.

3)OAC Meeting

I attend biweekly OAC meetings at the construction site of a project, so I can see the process of building erection and the architect’s role within that process.

I have learned new skills in Revit, a lot about casework construction, and what information is prudent in a feasibility study,



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