Ryan Bing @ Synchronicity – Week 6: 10/12-10/18

Hours Worked: 16.25 Total Hours: 108.25 Monday 10.12.20 – Today was our first day of working remotely because of the office renovation, so the day kicked off with some technical troubleshooting and spending time with Beacon, our technical support service provider, to help install Microsoft Teams and enable access to the VPN, although an effort […]

Ryan Bing @ Synchronicity – Week 6: 10/05-10/11

Hours Worked: 16 Total Hours: 92 Monday 10.05.20 – Continued more red line corrections for Noisette Towns, a set of townhome style buildings in North Charleston near Park Circle (client Hunter Quinn Homes) Tuesday 10.06.20 – Updating window tags in plans and elevations for Noisette Towns, exporting and plot drawing sets for the projects, compiling […]

Jimmie Mason – Rosenblum Coe Architects

11/9-11/13 Reflection I finished up my hours with Rosenblum Coe Architects on Nov. 12. The past year working with the firm have been very educational. I enjoyed my time working there and learned a lot about the profession. The internship provided me the opportunity to build relationships in the field and I am continuing to […]

Jimmie Mason – Rosenblum Coe Architects

10/12-11/6 Since 10/12 I have worked on many different things. One week was dedicated almost exclusively to fire safety maps to be put around a middle school. This was time consuming but I learned a lot about the importance of orientation in the time of emergency. The residential project is coming along nicely. I have […]