Ryan Bing @ Synchronicity – Week 7: 10/19-10/25

Hours Worked: 16.25

Total Hours: 124.75

Monday 10.19.20 – We continued this morning discussing revisions that needed to be made to the BAR Demo Set, which resulted in me continuing the search for a better graphic for the presentation, which I was unable to locate. I then moved on to working on electrical plans for a boat house project called Owens Retreat on Edisto Beach (client Chris Owens). Before starting, I took the time to analyze previous e plans and power plans done by the firm, mostly looking at a home designed for F.D. Mudd.

Tuesday 10.20.20 – Began work on some plans for Hunter Quinn Homes to be used for their own marketing purposes. Worked with Jeremy to drop furniture into the plans and re-export on a sheet that could be delivered to the client.

Wednesday 10.21.20 – Spent the bulk of the day on site at the Lumberyard in Suite 100 taking measurements and site photos for a new brewery project that is kicking off called Bevi Bene Brewing Co.

Thursday 10.22.20 – Wrapped up the furniture plans for Noisette towns


Thoughts: Being able to spend time on site and take site photos and measurements was the most exciting part of the week. It was good to get a formal brief on the project before going to understand where the project is headed as well. I appreciate the rigor and organization of this firm and see that they clearly try to set everyone up to be as informed and efficient as possible when they set out on a task. It shows that not only do they want to be efficient for efficiency’s sake, but they actually value our time and are going through extreme lengths to not waste it which I think is an excellent trait.

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