Ryan Bing @ Synchronicity – Week 5: 9/28-10/04

Hours Worked: 16

Total Hours: 76

Monday 9.28.20 – Assembled ikea furniture for office, updated cover sheets for CD set of Hunter Quinn Project, and started to sketch out a lighting plan for Varn

Tuesday 9.29.20 – Continued to finish the ikea office furniture assembly, set up a sheet for the lighting plan that I sketched for Varn the previous day, and continued to lay out the lighting plans for the 2nd and 3rd floors of that building.

Wednesday 9.30.20- Varn lighting plan layout, placement of fixtures and switches, Redline Corrections for Farm at Goose Creek (client DR Horton)

Thursday 10.01.20 –  CD redline corrections for the Pines at New Hampstead (DR Horton) and CD redline corrections for Hunter Quinn Project


Thoughts: Worked on red lines and assembled furniture all week. It is at least good to have value to the office and be used efficiently. Picking up AutoCad and using it without much issue which is also a plus.

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