Ryan Bing @ Synchronicity – Week 8: 10/26-11/01

Hours Worked: 16.00

Total Hours: 140.75

Monday 10.26.20 – Today I worked on red lines for the CD set for the Pines at New Hampstead, as well as some CD set updates for a project called Merrill Gardens, which is a neighborhood development by Mungo Homes.

Tuesday 10.27.20 – I continued today with red line revisions for the Pines at New Hampstead, and continued on to updating the plan dimensions for 44 Watroo Point on Daniel Island, a house for Scott Varn. Parts of the building were shifted, and so a large number of dimensions were needing to be updated.

Wednesday 10.28.20 – I spent all day working on red line revisions for the project for Mungo Homes. Mungo is not only the design client for this project, but they are also the builder. As a large development and in-house building company, they seem to have a certain way of doing things. Our red lines are coming directly from the client on this project, so that our drawing set looks exactly what they prefer to work with. This is being charged as an additional service, and is the 3rd or 4th time that this CD set has been sent back with red lines.

Thursday 10.29.20 – I went out to site in the morning to Grants Court (9 Nats Court) for the BAR site visit. Certain people there expressed their opinion in favor of the demolition of the structure due to its obvious level of degradation, while others–presumably opposed to it–were less outspoken. Was interesting to just see who each person is representing, whether it is the Preservation Society, Historic Society, etc. The rest of the day I updated the window schedule for the Varn project.


Thoughts: The BAR meeting Thursday evening for Grants Court went really well. It was apparent that the presentation was very thorough and permission for demo was granted unanimously. It was interesting to be a part of that process and see how the quality of a presentation not only impacts that project, but also impacts the client and the reputation of a firm. Firms with bad presentations seem like they are going to be more under the microscope than a firm that always does their hw. A good, thorough BAR presentation seems like something that is well worth the time and effort in the long run.

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