Ryan Bing @ Synchronicity – Week 6: 10/12-10/18

Hours Worked: 16.25

Total Hours: 108.25

Monday 10.12.20 – Today was our first day of working remotely because of the office renovation, so the day kicked off with some technical troubleshooting and spending time with Beacon, our technical support service provider, to help install Microsoft Teams and enable access to the VPN, although an effort was made on my end to take care of this the previous week. The rest of the morning I worked on the DRB small submittal form for a small project to add on to the Grow Food Garden owned by Greenheart, I completed some red line revisions for the Berkeley and exported a check set, and I worked on some red lines for the Pines at New Hampstead.

Tuesday 10.13.20 РContinued working on red lines for the Farm  at Goose Creek, the Berkeley, and the Pines at New Hampstead. All in CD set phase

Wednesday 10.14.20 – Today began the effort on the Grants Court BAR demo set so that they could let the client review it with plenty of time left to submit it. I helped by drawing up the “front” elevation which was an interesting challenge because of the level of degradation that this building is in.

Thursday 10.15.20 –¬†Today we continued the effort as a full team with all hands on deck. I was looking for a graphic depicting the boundaries of the historic district in Charleston and helped set up a few sheets for the presentation.


Thoughts: Though I have worked remotely before for an internship, I found this way of working much more challenging. The firm expected a lot out of us in a very short amount of time, and everything was made more difficult because of the set up. Operating through the VPN made the machines slower, AutoCad was significantly slower, and then communication issues emerged as it was harder to stay in constant contact

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