Aaron Autry + JMO Woodworks | 9.14.20 – 9.18.20

Daily Logs

Monday 9.14.20

Hours Worked: 4

  • Moved and prepared outside section of organ casework for paint.
  • Loaded center tower into van to take to job site.
  • Installed center tower on balcony

Tuesday 9.15.20

Hours Worked: 5

  • Measured out and prepared to layout the next few towers.
  • Finish sanded wooden signs.
  • Scuff sanded panels for cabinets.

Wednesday 9.16.20

Hours Worked: 4

  • Loaded and delivered other elements of organ casework to site.
  • Adjusted and permanently installed center tower.

Thursday 9.17.20

Hours Worked: 6

  • Installed six towers on balcony.
  • Prepped balcony for outside towers.


Total AXP Hours: Project Management – 19



The main task of this week was to get as much of the casework for the organ installed.  So most of the hours worked this week were used to either deliver elements to the site as well as actually installing these elements on the balcony.  The elements had to be hand lifted up scaffolding and then held in place while others made sure it was level and plumb and straight while the others of the team shimmed up the sides and attached it to the other towers as well as the floor.  The end towers of the casework should be installed early next week.

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