10/7 – 10/10


8:00 – 12:00

Make changes to the lobby design of Lancaster Eye Clinic, study both in plan and section

4 h Project Planning & Design



8:00 – 12:40

Make changes to the lobby design of Lancaster Eye Clinic, study both in plan and section

4.5 h Project Planning & Design




Lancaster Eye Clinic code review

Jump into the Oakland Properties project, help with steel member dimension

1 h Project Planning & Design

2.5 h Construction Documentation



Review the current drawing set of Major Lee project with mentor, get direction of changes

Prepare for and have discuss about Chinese traditional and modern architecture with the whole office

1 h Construction Documentation


Weekly Reflection

Being in a small firm gives designer diverse exposure to multiple projects at the same time. It is challenging to manage your time well and to keep all the project moving smoothly. As an intern I don’t necessarily need to think about the negotiation of time between multiple clients or contractors. However, my observe makes me thinking how to build a good practice in terms of time managing, marketing strategy and project managing. This week, our firm has a big deadline coming up that everyone has been working on. I wasn’t involved until the last day before submitting. My mentor asked if I could jump in to draw a detail dimension drawing. It is a simple task but it requires a certain level of familiarity to the project to complete the drawing. I wasn’t familiar at all. I didn’t confirm with my mentor about one doubt coming up on my mind. Later on, they had to redo the drawing I did that morning. Although it didn’t take a lot amount of time, it made me to reflect on the importance of communicating in a firm. In fact, it wasn’t my fault because I was doing the drawing based on the plan they gave me. However, I could have asked when I noticed the grid lines didn’t line up in the drawing. I feel like in a firm, everyone has the obligation to point out the mistakes they’ve found, in order to keep the good work and to reduce inefficiency of making up for others mistakes.

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