Blog Post 10/21-10/24

10/21 – Worked on construction documents for an addition to a Kiawah Residence.

10/22 – Continued working on construction documents for the addition, worked on a wall section for the same project.

10/23 – Continued working on wall section for the addition.

10/24 – Finished working on main wall section and began working on setting up more wall sections and RCPs for electrical plans for addition.

Weekly Reflection

This week I was able to get a crash course on a typical residential wall section, which I will need to know the basics such as that if I’m going to go into residential architecture. I had the opportunity to be walked through each component and its purpose by my boss, and then was able to apply that new knowledge to another wall section. I also did detail wall sections for a window where I was able to see all components of a window head, jamb, and sill, and how they are all placed into a wall. Being able to distinguish the major aspects of a wall section is important and help me further down the line of my architecture studying and eventually while in the profession.

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