Week of 4.12

Apr. 8 | Mon. Hours: 8-12 Tasks: The sapele door was finished over the weekend, and came out looking great. I was given a bag of wooden parts that needed to be recreated – these parts were I believe the trim around a boat window. I started with small blanks of teak, on which I […]

Week of 4.5

Apr. 1 | Mon. Hours: 8-12 Tasks: Sand and prepare the stop trim for installation. This trim is put in place the secure the raised panels. Process western red cedar sign blanks: Cross-cut, surface, rip to width, process in shaper, epoxy and clamp.   Apr. 2 | Tue. Hours: 8-12 Tasks: Sand western red cedar […]

Week of 3.15

Mar. 11 | Mon. Hours: 8-12 Tasks: Attach sapele shelf support to shelf Assemble ladders for bunk beds – epoxy all joints, fasten together with threaded rod and acorn nuts.   Mar. 12 | Tue. Hours: 8-12 Tasks: Continue with assembly of the sapele ladders.   Mar. 13 | Wed. Hours: 8-12 Tasks: Process western […]

Week of 3.29

ar. 25 | Mon. Hours: 8-12 Tasks: Process sapele stock for a raised panel door – surface, rip to width, cut to length, and sand to rough thickness. Prepare the sapele parts for assembly by drilling mortises and cutting tenons. Assemble door – epoxy all joints and clamp. Deliver oak barn door to client on […]

Week of 3.8

Mar. 4 | Mon. Hours: 8-12 Tasks: Field install of bunk beds – install cove mould and coping   Mar. 5 | Tue. Hours: 8-12 Tasks: Field install of bunk beds – install remainder of cove mould and coping, attach false fronts to bottom bunk, attach guard railing to top bunks.   Mar. 6 | […]

Week of 3.1

Feb. 25 | Mon. Hours worked: 8-12 Tasks: Surface, plane, and sand parts for sapele ladders. Cut to rough length.   Feb. 26 | Tue. Hours worked: 8-12 Tasks: Continue to sand sapele parts for the bed ladders.   Feb. 27 | Wed. Hours worked: 8-12 Tasks: Drill holes through stainless steel framework.   Feb. […]