Alexander Poston | JMO Woodworks | Week 12

Summary:       This week I continued the drawings for the project on concord st. I began shop drawings for 3 pocket doors for one of the local contractors that we work with. I then milled the wood needed to create the engineered styles, the rails, and sticking. I had to replicate the sticking that outlines the panels from an image of a sample taken by the contractor. From this profile my mentor was able to create knives that will be put into the shaper and can cut out the profiles for the sticking. I then took the milled styles and glue them up so they can receive their veneers.



11/07/22         8:40-12:40       4.00 Category 0 Construction & Evaluation – CE

330 Concord St. Drawings continued.


11/08/22         7:40-12:20       1:10-5:35         8.55 Category 0 Construction & Evaluation – CE

330 Concord St. drawings continued. Bluffton doors continued. Sticking profile replicated from existing door images for creating new knives to create new sticks.

11/09/22         8:45-12:50       4.05 Category 0 Construction & Evaluation – CE

Bluffton door engineered styles glue up. Bruce bar cabinet shop drawings.


11/10/22         8:50-1:10         4.20 Category 0

Bluffton doors engineered style glue up. Style and rail stock milled.

AXP Hours: 21.2 hours

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