Kyle Kane | LOWE | WEEK 11

Project: Entitlement Research 

Project Manager: Jacob Lindsey 

Monday – 11.21.22

Today was light. I worked remotely and polished up graphics and started plugging in numbers into the city’s affordable housing fees. We also had our second class meeting. This time we let our questions drive the topics of discussion. Both of my questions were read with the heavier of the two being the first one selected. The question had to do with our responsibility as the creators of the inhabited space and how we can use our position to bring communities together effectively. The question came to me as I was driving past Morrison Yards because the apartment complex going up will has windows that, literally, look down onto a low-income residence. Something with that whole design and thought process doesn’t sit right with me.

Axp. Hours: —        Category: n/a

Tuesday – 11.22.22

With people already traveling for Thanksgiving, the office had people in and out of it. I took some time to talk to Jacob about a report of where we are at with everything and where I was at. We also talked about a few adjacent things that had to do with the alternative affordable housing plan that Jacob has been working on.

Axp. Hours: 4         Category: Programing & Analysis

Lesson Learned:

Jacob is prepared for everything, because he thinks about everything. The amount of spinning plates that he has stacked up is truly impressive. What I am learning above all else is that it pays off to help people out and to be pleasant to work with. Jacob being the biggest people pleaser I met has played into his favor multiple times since I have been here. The fact that everyone wants to talk to Jacob is because they know he gets things done and he is able and willing to work with the right people to get said task done.

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