Amanda Wood | Meadors | Week 4

Monday 10/03

Monday morning staff meeting. Designing parking lot options for our new office.

Tuesday 10/04

Continuing design on parking lot options.

Wednesday 10/05

Continuing design on parking lot options. Lunch and learn with Sub Zero.

Thursday 10/06

Continuing design on parking lot options.


I continued my work on our new office from last week. Because our site is an odd shape due to a utility easement, Jeremy designed a simple Bilco-type building that we can modify to our needs. The rest of the site is reserved for parking, which seems easy enough, but I found it to be more difficult than I anticipated. I actually enjoyed designing the parking lot, though, because it was such a puzzle to work around our code requirements and restrictions. I ended up doing a lot of research on codes and design standards for this parking lot, so I learned a lot about how to work with codes efficiently.

Total AXP Hours: Practice Management (1.75), Project Planning & Design (11.25)

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