Amanda Wood | Meadors | Week 5

Monday 10/10

Continuing parking lot design for new office.

Tuesday 10/11

Continuing parking lot design for new office.

Wednesday 10/12

Continuing parking lot design. Reviewing BAR-L application for 295 Calhoun.

Thursday 10/13

Fire safety design for new office, reviewing requirements and limitations.

Friday 10/14

Site visit to one of our downtown residential projects.


My site visit on Friday was probably the most exciting part of the week because I haven’t been out in the field too much during my internship. I was able to see how we design and renovate homes that are 100 years old and work with the historic character of the building. Seeing the melding between the historic and the modern in this one home was really interesting and made me appreciate historic preservation even more.

Total AXP Hours: Project Development & Documentation (2), Project Planning & Design (13.75), Project Management (.5)

Roof of our historic house project with the original chimneys

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