Amanda Wood | Meadors | Week 3

Monday 09/26

Monday morning staff meeting. Working on existing conditions model from last week.

Tuesday 09/27

Working on existing conditions model.

Wednesday 09/28

Finishing existing conditions model. Visiting our future new office site with my coworker Veronica.

Thursday 09/29

Out of office.


After finishing another 3D scan model, I moved onto our new office plans and worked with my coworker Veronica. We visited our site for the office, which is right across the street from our current office. This project has been a long time coming and it’s exciting that I get to have some part in pushing it forward! It’s been hard for us to get the ball rolling on the new office since we’re so busy designing for our clients, we haven’t had a chance to design for ourselves.

Total AXP Hours: Project Management (1.25), Practice Management (.75), Programming & Analysis (9.75)

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