Kyle Kane | LOWE | Week 9

Project: Entitlement Research 

Project Manager: Jacob Lindsey 

Monday – 11.07.22

I worked remotely updating the presentation from a few weeks earlier.

Axp. Hours: N/A  Category: –

Tuesday – 11.08.22

This morning I came in and continued on some busy work, but that was then shifted after a meeting with Jacob. He and I read through the Charleston Municipal Code to figure out the Affordable housing Units and a plan to meet the requirements for development in lieu of full Workforce housing build-out. It took to me going back and sifting through a couple old project PUDs for some other precedent information.

Axp Hours: 5          Category: Project Development & Documentation

Wednesday – 11.09.22 

I compiled the findings for Jacob and sent them over to him, then transitioned back to understanding the logic and wording for affordable housing within the city code.

Axp. Hours: 4         Category: Programing & Analysis

Thursday – 11.10.22 

There was a meeting that I was brought along to that was at the City of Charleston’s planners offices with historic preservation. After a final presentation, we took the group out to the site for a tour.

Axp Hours: 5         Category: Project Development & Documentation

Friday – 11.11.22 

Friday was spent researching the next project that Jacob asked me to help understand and get applied to our PUD process.

Axp. Hours: N/A  Category: –

Lesson Learned

Looking through the code book through the lens of a developer is a lot different from that of an architect. There is something about code officials that is seems like part of their job is to make circumstances and situations far more complex, in its wording, than it has to be. Most of the time I spent figuring out this section of the zoning code was just in trying to understand the vernacular and wording. I guess these things get easier with experience.

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