Kyle Kane | LOWE | WEEK 7

Project: Entitlement Research 

Project Manager: Jacob Lindsey 

Monday – 10.24.22 

I spent a few hours working remotely on referential site plans and parking research.

Axp. Hours: –      Category: N/A

Tuesday – 10.25.22

This week was an “all hands on deck” situation in the office due to our final public engagement event on Thursday. We had the design team in office all day. I worked on my individual graphics until the team members came, then I was on their meetings that focused on sculpting the presentation and speech.

Axp. Hours: 5     Category: Project Development & Documentation

Wednesday – 10.26.22

This work day was a lot like the day before, but more hectic. I was able to stay later than usual today to get a jump on the drawings to get them to a finishing point.

Axp. Hours: 5     Category: Project Development & Documentation

Thursday – 10.27.22

Thursday was the big day. The engagement event was in the afternoon, so the morning was being on call to help run supplies/last minute fixes out to the presentation floor. Other than that, I spent the time researching parking situations.

The engagement event went very well. The mayor had some kind words to say about the project in his introduction as well as Barbara from the Ports Authority doing the same. When Jeff and Cassy (from the architectural team) came onstage, they gave the meat and potatoes of the project and the people there were into it! The presentation looked beautiful and they (the Perkins and Will team) did a fantastic job talking about the project.  I also got recruited to be the greeter due to a last minute ballroom change.

Axp. Hours: 4     Category: Project Development & Documentation

Friday – 10.28.22 

Similar to Monday, I just spent a few hours working remotely on my drawings for my presentation based on things Jacob wanted to see incorporated.

Axp. Hours: –      Category: N/A


Lesson Learned 

The lesson learned from this weeks engagement event is seeing all the weeks of hard work finally crescendo. The interesting thing is to see how many changes and reworks get done in order to have a successful event and project. To show everyone renders was such a debate because we don’t want the public to get the wrong impression as the what the spaces will be like. At the same time, we needed to show the public that the project will enhance the feel of the city and the character of the architecture.


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