Shelton Stevenson |SGA|NW| Week 7

Monday 10-24-22 (8am-12pm)

Every Monday morning we always start off with our weekly Monday morning meetings. These meetings are used to reflect on our weekend as well as discuss what we have to focus on for the week. We also inform everyone on upcoming events that our job may be having later on down the road.

Job Title: Garrett Project

So this week we started doing construction documents for the Garrett Paint and Signage project. I spend Monday working on the cover sheet. Which consisted of the name of the site, the address and a map of the school.

Tuesday 10-25-22 (8am-12pm)

Job Title: Garrett Project

Tuesday morning I spent the first thirty minutes finishing up the cover sheet. After i finished up the cover sheet i started working on the abbreviation and note sheet. For this sheet it it had all of the paint colors that we used throughout the school. We used the different abbreviations to label each color on each wall of the school.

Wednesday 10-26-22 (3:15pm-6pm)

Job Title: Garrett Project

Wednesday I came in towards the end of the day because i was on site for my studio class pouring concrete. With the time I had left I started going through the first floor plan and labeling all of the areas where we changed the paint. I had to call out each color according to the abbreviations that they went with.

Thursday 10-27-22 (8am-1pm)

Job Title: Garrett Project

To end out the week I finished labeling the first floor and went on to label the second floor. After I finished labeling all of the paint colors on both the first part and second part of the floor plan, I started to work on elevations. When i took the elevations i had to tag the color of the wall where the color changed. That’s how I ended my work week.


Total AXP Hours : 15.85

Skills Learned:

This week I elevated my skills in Revit just a little bit more. Learning how to do construction documents and what all does on them is something that I learned. Learned how to tag different parts on the wall for each elevation that I took. This week has really helped me up my game in the Revit area.

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