Shelton Stevenson |SGA|NW| Week 5

Monday 10-10-22 (8am-12pm)

Mondays always start with our weekly Monday morning meeting that starts at 8:30. This meeting is to go over any projects or assignments that we have for the upcoming week.

Job Title: Garrett Project

This week I had to start off by continuing to make edits to first floor plan that i got marked up. I had to edit door tags fix walls and a few other things throughout the first floor.

Wednesday 10-12-22 (8am-12pm)

Job Title: Garrett Project

I started off my Wednesday morning by finishing up the edits to the first floor plan so that they could get revised to make sure I did not miss anything that either was on the cad file or that may be only shown in the pictures. After i finished the first floor plan edits I went back to make corrections on the second floor of the school.


Thursday 10-13-22 (8am-12pm)

Job Title: Garrett Project

Thursday I came in to finish up the second floor plan with the minor corrections that I have to make. After making those corrections i re-printed the second floor plan. After that I went back to making more correction to the first floor plan that I missed.

On Thursdays around 9:30-10  I have my weekly meeting with my mentor. We talk about what I have accomplished and how my week was. We also just talk about what projects that i need to work on next for the following week.


Total AXP Hours: 12


Skills Learned:

Through this week I continued to sharpen my skills in Revit. With each project that I complete I learn something new as time continues to go on.

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