Shelton Stevenson |SGA|NW | Week 2

9/19/2022 (8am-12pm)

On Monday morning we always start off with our weekly meeting. We discuss what we did on our weekend and what upcoming projects we have for the week. After the meeting we depart and go our separate ways to start working on our various projects. So this week I started working on the Hominy Creek Multi-Family Project. For this project I had to work in photoshop and color different sections of the building for a project meeting we had. I started by coloring the windows for each building a sky blue.

9/20/2022 (8am-12pm)

On Tuesday morning I finished  up the last bit of windows that I had from the day previous. After I finished those I started working on the board and batten section of each building. These sections where colored in a color called black fox. Once i got through all the board and batten section I moved on to the horizontal siding. This section was colored in a bronze color but it was only a few sections that needed to be this color.

9/21/2022 (8am-12pm)

Wednesday morning I started working on the metal roof section. This section was in my opinion the most easiest part to do because it was the biggest section of each building. I didn’t have any little parts that i had to take my time on, so I would just draw one shape and that would fit for the metal roof. After i finished the metal roof I went and worked on the shake siding on each building. Shake siding was the rough part of each building that looks like shingles. That section was also an easy part because it was just squares section on each part of the building and only on a few of the sections.

9/22/2022 (8am-12pm)

On my final day of the week I started it off by meeting with my mentor Mark Sealy. We discussed how my week went and what I accomplished and learned from this week. After the meeting I got back to working on Hominy Creek. So I had to go back and make a few changes to the roof section. After I made them corrections I went to work on the stone veneer sections. This section was connected the the columns that held up the metal roof. After that i worked on the railing for the balconies for each of the section drawings. This section was real tedious because you had to each individual rail for this section, which took some time to complete. Finally I got to the last part which was the window seals. Previously I had just colored the window itself but i had to go back and give the window seal a color. That concluded my second week at my internship


This week I sharpened my photoshop skills and learned more tricks and shortcuts that I can use going forward.


Total AXP Hours: 16

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