Shelton Stevenson |SGA|NW| Week 3

9/26/2022 (8am-12pm)

We are back week three starts with our weekly Monday morning meeting. I had a long and busy weekend that I shared with my SGA team. After our meeting I started making corrections on Hominy Creek. The first correction that I had to make was changing the window trim color. I changed all of the window trims to a black fox color to give it a more darker appeal. After I made that correction I went and started fixing the horizontal and vertical lining section.

9/27/2022 (8am-12pm)

I started off Tuesday morning by finishing up the horizontal and vertical lining. After i made all of the corrections for Hominy Creek project i got the opportunity to sit in the project meeting for this project. In the meeting they discussed how we should change the rails to a white color. Another comment they made was to changed the columns to a stained color. The next comment was to change the bracket colors on the building. After the meeting I got to go back to working on the Jane Edwards project. I went in and added a few walls and doors that i had left out from the last time I worked on this project.

9/28/2022 (8am-12pm)

Wednesday morning I was back to working on the Jane Edwards project. So i had to go back and change all of the room tags for each of the rooms and the door tags. Once I finished making corrections I printed that project out and that was the end of that project. Two projects down another one to go. So now we circle back around to my very first project that i was given my first week of SGA. I started back making corrections to the Garrett first floor plans. I had to go back in and add doors, a few walls and a few room and door tags throughout the building. I also had to change some of the door tags to a different number due to moving of doors throughout the building. While working on that i got another assignment to do more photoshop but on Garrett this time. For this assignment i have to change the color on the walls to show a before and after picture for the school.

9/29/2022 (8am-12pm)

Thursday comes around and it is coming up a hurricane so I started off with doing a teams meeting with my mentor Mark. We discussed my busy but successful week and everything that  accomplished throughout the week. After our meeting i got to working on the changing the wall paint for the Garrett project. I started off by working on the cafeteria wall colors. Changing this color of the walls was giving them a before and after example. Once I finished that I started working on the stage area before it was time for me to go. I got a few walls done before it was time to go and get safe before the hurricane.


Overall this week was a busy week but I am very happy for all of the projects I got done and  even being able to sit in on a project meetings. Cant wait to see what next week has in store for me.

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