Jerome Simiyon-Bello Garris Architects-Week 3

Projects worked – 22 Westedge(Punchlist), 860 Morrison Yard upfit

Project manager – Nick Galizia


09/26/2022 – Monday

AXP hours – 4(Project management)


Today I worked on the changes to the permit set for 860 Morrison yard as per client’s feedback and created a revision set for the drawings.  


09/27/2022 – Tuesday


AXP hours – 3 (Project planning and design), 1 (Project management)

I worked on the redlines and sent the revision set for 860 Morrison yard to MEP and started working on window elevations and views for punchlist project. 


09/28/2022 – Wednesday


AXP hours – 4 (Project planning and design)

I started working on RCP for punchlist upfit project. I did product research for the exposed ceiling above the workstations and the reception. 


09/22/2022 – Thursday

 I didn’t work today.


Lessons learned:

 I learned about class requirements for ceiling finishes in sprinklered and non sprinklered buildings based on occupancy. I also learned how to create revision drawings from the permit drawings to avoid confusions during the construction process. 

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