Jed Donkle – Prompt 1

Client / Contractor Relationships

  • Why are Client / Contractor relationships important?
    • Forming strong Client / Contractor relationships is important because these relationships help us to secure potential projects, establish a notable reputation within the community, and make the process of creating architecture more enjoyable. Both our Clients and our Contractors are usually very well connected which means that they often will hear about, or have knowledge of, potential projects which may eventually require our services. The experience that our Clients / Contractors have while working with us can lead to referrals, and there may be a time when we have to rely on our Clients / Contractors for reference or letters of recommendation.


  • How are Client / Contractor relationships maintained?
    • Maintaining Client / Contractor relationships is a component of practice management in which every employee is responsible. Our Clients trust us to both bring their dreams to life as well as manage large amounts of money that they have invested into the project. As a project goes from design to final completion, we want to make sure that our Clients feel involved as well as ensure that every project phase / checkpoint is as effortless and enjoyable as possible.


      The same is true for our Contractors and Consultants. We want to establish close working relationships as well as create an environment where people enjoy being a part of our team. One of the ways we can do this is through clear communication, meeting critical deadlines, and delivering clean/clear/accurate drawings. Additionally, spending time to get to know the people we are working with and making them feel like a part of the studio. This can involve company happy hours, architect vs. consultant cornhole competitions, or boxcar derbies.


  • How are new Client / Contractor relationships formed?
    • The best way to establish new Client / Contractor relationships is to maintain the ones that already exist. The more people enjoy working with you the better your reputation will be and the more referrals you will receive. Additionally, architects need to be active within their local and professional community as well as the public and privet sectors.



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