Erin Doering | SMHa | Week 3

Projects worked – MUSC College of Health Professionals, Carolina Yacht Club Boathouse, Charleston ENTA: Clinic Carolina Park, Saint Phillip’s Church Diocesan Office

Project managers – Margie Longshore, Chris Altman, and Jeff Johnston

09/26/2022 – Monday

AXP hours – 2 (Project Development and Documentation), 2 (Practice Management)

This week I continued my efforts modeling the 2nd floor plan of the existing MUSC Bioengineering building that our College of Health Professionals building will have a connection bridge at. I also

09/27/2022 – Tuesday

AXP hours – 4 (Programming and Analysis) 1.5 (Practice Management)

I helped create a PDF document to show the conceptual programming of a renovation for the Phillip’s Church Diocesan Office. During lunch, Tamie, our business manager, shared a presentation with the firm on how client fees and office fees are calculated at SMHa.

09/28/2022 – Wednesday

AXP hours – 2 (Project Management), 2 (Construction Administration)

I went on a site visit to the Charleston ENTA in Mount Pleasant to attend an Owner, Architect, Contractor meeting. The meeting focus was on the construction schedule and a question about the demising wall structure assembly. Afterwards, we walked around the site to observe construction progress.

09/29/2022 – Thursday

AXP hours – 4 (Project Planning and Design)

I began working on modelling the site for the Carolina Yacht Club Boathouse project in SketchUp for presentation purposes. The model included water, docks, and other freestanding structures nearby.

Lessons learned:

This week, among other things, I learned a great deal about the business of architecture through my conversation with Billy on client and contractor relations, Tamie’s presentation on business fees, and attending the OAC meeting in Mount Pleasant. The business of architecture is one of service and our time and expertise is what we offer as a profession. The ability to communicate with our clients and contractors can make or break the success of a project and being able to gain more jobs and upkeep a good reputation as architects. The OAC meeting with Jeff was a good exercise in observing a problem solving scenario between different players with different expertise in the project and being able to justify our design decisions in a respectful way.

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