Erin Doering | SMHa | Week 2

Projects worked – MUSC College of Health Professionals, Carolina Yacht Club Boathouse, Point Hope Sports Amenity

Project managers – Margie Longshore, Chris Altman, and Jeff Johnston

09/26/2022 – Monday

AXP hours – 4 (Project Development and Documentation)

I modeled the existing Bioengineering building so that we can add the connector bridge to our building. I also reviewed the BAR application that we submitted on Friday.

09/27/2022 – Tuesday

AXP hours – 4 (Project Planning and Design)

I participated in a design charrette with Civil and Landscape engineers and the client for a single-family development called Point Hope. We are designing a pavilion house and pool area for the new development’s tennis and pool amenities and discussed design and occupancy of the space. It was interesting working with other people in the field. We went in depth on what the desired purpose for the space and its needs.

09/28/2022 – Wednesday

AXP hours –1 (Project Planning and Design), 3 (Programming and Analysis)

I made SketchUp model changes to the Carolina Yacht Club Boathouse renovation project. I also reviewed ANSI codes for a changing and shower area for the Tennis House project and made plan changes based on client needs.

09/29/2022 – Thursday

AXP hours – 4 (Project Development and Documentation)

I made final redline changes to the presentation floor plan for the Tennis House project and continued my efforts for the existing MUSC Bioengineering Building.

Lessons learned:

This week I learned about client and consultant relations and the collaborate design process through the charrette opportunity for the Point Hope Sports Amenity project. Even though the project is smaller there are alot of considerations for the design depending on the desires of the clients and their projected occupancies of different programs. I also reviewed ANSI codes in terms of door, corridor, and shower clearances to allow users to occupy the space in a safe and accessible way.

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