Nick Oxendale | Thomas & Denzinger Architects | Week 2 of Semester

Another great week at Thomas and Denzinger Architects with a lot of different  tasks to complete. This week I got the opportunity to start doing renderings on a clubhouse for a community out on Seakbrook Island. The design is still in conceptual phase so we have not done a true rendering yet for this project. Working alongside my principal Joel, as well as our team’s project architects Cassie and James; I did three days of different iterations of materials, plants, entourage, etc. in 6 different rendering images attempting to capture the most legible and strongest design possible… Their critiques over the few days helps me improve the renderings more and more. As a cohesive design team, the presentation had programmatic plans, a general timeline for the project, renderings, a conceptual physical model and more. I am proud to say I had a big part in a lot of the content for the presentation and we ended up getting the green light. It was a “super success” which at the end of the day is all that matters (along with learning of course). Outside of this project (which has taken up the majority of my time this week), I’ve been continue working on the submittal for AIA SC and AIA Charleston. Both of these are due tomorrow at midnight, so tomorrow will be another busy day of finishing these submissions. I look forward to what next week and what I’ll be getting to work on. Overall, I was able to note down 20 AXP hours for design development and documentation as well as project Planning and Design.

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