Amanda Wood | Meadors | Week 1

Monday 09/12

Monday mornings, we have our weekly staff meeting to go over current/upcoming projects and share with everyone what we’re working on for the week. This week I’m finishing up an existing conditions model using a 3D scan on one of our residential projects. I also had to contact a client to work through some invoicing issues with a contractor we used.

Tuesday 09/13

I continued to work on the existing conditions model.

Wednesday 09/14

Working on the existing conditions model.

Thursday 09/15

Working on the existing conditions model.


I spent most of the week working on this existing conditions model. My goal was to finish it completely by the end of Thursday, but it took me longer than I expected so I still have some to finish for next week. It’s been a little difficult to adjust to the change from full-time to part-time hours because I only have ~16 hours a week to work now. I really have to manage my time effectively every day in the office to make sure I’m contributing enough to the projects I’m working on.

Total AXP Hours: Project Management (1.25), Practice Management (.75), Programming & Analysis (14.25)

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