Kyle Kane | LOWE | WEEK 1

Project: Entitlement Research 

Project Mentor: Jacob Lindsey 


Tuesday – 09.13.22

I spent my day on my first project from Jacob researching different retail typologies and main street profiles across the US and internationally. Looking at the physical differences as well as the aesthetic differences.

Axp Hours: 4     Category: Programing & Analysis

Wednesday – 09.14.22

I felt under the weather, so I worked from outside the office continuing the research from the previous day.

Axp Hours: –      Category: Programing & Analysis

Thursday – 09.15.22

Today I finished compiling the quantitative information from my research and created a presentation comparing the numeric differences in the different city’s streets. The presentation also began to look at the qualitative differences as well. The end of the my day ended with the my first site visit with the office.

Axp Hours: 3     Category: Programing & Analysis


Lessons Learned:

While going through the different cities and streets, there was a lot of numerical data that I could have organized and compared to do my analysis. While working through this, I learned that using your resources effectively can help you significantly work more efficiently within the day, so you can achieve small milestones quicker. I also learned that being in a position within a non-architecture office is different in the details of the meetings, files, and talk, but is similar in the manner of how work gets done and the openness of the information and project line (Outside of any meetings going on, which seem to be every hour of the day). The scope of planning and “moving targets” seem to be much larger in this department of construction. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the first official week and look forward to seeing what develops down the road.

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