Erin Doering | SMHa | Week 1

Projects worked – MUSC College of Health Professionals

Project manager – Margie Longshore and Chris Altman

09/12/2022 – Monday

AXP hours – 4 (Programming and Analysis)

This week I continued my efforts for the BAR submittal for the new MUSC College of Health Professionals building. After modelling the adjacent Bioengineering building, I’ve been drawing 2D elevations of the street. I started drawing the Vince Moseley Building at the intersection of President and Bee Street.

09/13/2022 – Tuesday

AXP hours – 4 (Programming and Analysis)

I continued my efforts on street elevations. This included finishing the Vince Moseley Building and starting the street elevation across the street from our site, specifically the MUSC College of Psychiatry building. I also attended a lunch and learn that talked about sustainable building envelopes by a metal panel company.

09/14/2022 – Wednesday

AXP hours – 3 (Programming and Analysis), 1 (Project Development and Documentation)

I continued working on the President Street East elevation across the street from our site including the College of Psychiatry and the current College of Health Professionals. I also paused and assisted in scanning existing plots of an existing local diocesan headquarters in Charleston for an upcoming renovation project.

09/14/2022 – Thursday

AXP hours – 4 (Programming and Analysis)

I’ve reached a good stopping point for the street elevations for the upcoming BAR submittal. I made finishing touches to the elevations by adding trees to scale and labels of the buildings in context.

Lessons learned:

This week I learned to be efficient with my work and meet the schedule requirements. I learned how important the context around you, especially scale and openings, is imperative when you design. By drawing the elevations of the existing buildings, I can find their relationship between our newly designed building. Through this task I’ve also gained some knowledge on the requirements for BAR submittal by looking at the forms and past submittals by other firms. Lastly, I learned the importance of scale of not only the surrounding buildings but of the surrounding trees. To fully illustrate the streetscape you’re designing, trees should be to correct height to completely understand the streetscape’s character.

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