Jennifer Jonson | LS3P | Week 1 (36)



  • Time Worked: 7:40am-3:40pm
  • Tasks Performed:
    • Holiday Inn Charleston
      • introduction to hotel renovation project
      • research precedents in the area (local vernacular)
      • create vision boards for project with precedents
        • Work Accomplished: Programming & Analysis


  • Time Worked: 7:30am-3:45pm
  • Tasks Performed:
    • Holiday Inn Charleston
      • discuss renovation project and vision boards with mentor
      • research precedents for building itself (reskin, renovations)
      • create vision boards for project with building precedents
        • Work Accomplished: Programming & Analysis




Holiday Inn Charleston (programming & analysis)

  • Project Location: Charleston, SC
  • Brief Description: The firm recently secured a hospitality project in Charleston, SC. The hotel will be renovated and the building’s exterior will be reskinned using more contemporary materials and systems.
  • Project Scope: Research and gather information about the site and its surrounding context. Research and gather ideas for reskinning the building. Set up a Revit project file. Verbalize the research gathered to my mentor.
  • Project Manager: Thomas Jasper
  • Role of the Student: Meet with my mentor. Research precedents. Create vision boards.
  • Experience:
    • For this week, I was tasked with conducting research for this renovation project. I began by meeting with my mentor to discuss the project’s parameters. Later, I researched the building’s site and its immediate surroundings. I also gathered ideas for façade systems and found precedents with similar project parameters (i.e., plinth, pool deck, parking garage at the base of the building, and renovated lobby). After setting up the Revit project file, I put together a vision board with all this research, precedents, and façade systems gathered. I ended this week by verbalizing the research gathered to my mentor. Overall, I am excited to take on this renovation project since I have yet to work on this kind of project. Additionally, I was able to practice my communication skills and not only rely on my graphics to convey the necessary information. Next week, I will gather further research on façade systems to better inform the possibilities for reskinning the building and maybe even sketch up some ideas for the project to better sell the ideas to the clients


Snippets from the Holiday Inn Charleston Visioning Presentation

Site Imagery: Ashley River


Local Vernacular: Waterfront Infrastructure


Local Vernacular: Residential


Local Vernacular: Residential 2


Local Vernacular: Event Space


Precedent Images: Holiday Inn in Tallahassee


Façade Systems: Brick


Precedent Images: Pier 4 Boston Harbor



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