Reece Brown | Metanoia | Week 11

Reece Brown | Metanoia | Week 11


2664 BYL

2664 Bennet Yard Lane, North Charleston

Duncan Cheney

Help Duncan with design, drawing, and daily tasks


Monday (4/18):  8:07 – 11:09 

I had a meeting with Duncan and we discussed the progress on the model for the BYL house, which was getting finished up as I was starting to make my plan and elevation drawings for this project.


Tuesday (4/19):  8:34 – 11:54 

I took preliminary renderings of the model to see what details I had missed.  Doing this made me realize that I had windows in the wrong spot on a wall in the kitchen and that the counters were out of scale when viewing the interior in perspective.


Wednesday (4/20):  8 – 12 

Rooms for the BYL house were split up and furniture was added to make the space more believable.  This also helped the scale, so I was able to see that some of the parts in the model didn’t fit as well as I had previously believed.


Thursday (4/21):  9:08 – 12:34

I finalized the plan drawing with the correct line weights and accurate dimensioning.  Duncan also introduced a new project and I got to start working on the layout for a house that he and his wife have just purchased.

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