Reece Brown | Metanoia | Week 10

Reece Brown | Metanoia | Week 10


2664 BYL

2664 Bennet Yard Lane, North Charleston

Duncan Cheney

Help Duncan with design, drawing, and daily tasks


Monday (4/11):  8:12 – 12:11

Duncan had me pick back up on a project that we started but had some hold-ups on.  Bennet Yard Lane was a house Metanoia had some trouble securing, but towards the end of the semester, we got to do some more work with it.


Tuesday (4/12):  8:02 – 11:20 

I worked on the plans and model for this house simultaneously in order to see it from different perspectives.  The layout changed many times and there were always more edits to make in order to turn the small layout into a floor plan that worked well.


Wednesday (4/13):  8:12 – 11:30 

Since Duncan was gone this week, I was mostly changing the layout on my own this time, so I had a great time trying to figure out what layout would work the best.  The models kept getting more and more in-depth and eventually, they came together nicely.


Thursday (4/14):  8:28 – 12:04

Thursday was mostly just a workday and I made changes to the model and site model for 2664 BYL in preparation to show Duncan my progress.

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