Reece Brown | Metanoia | Week 12

Reece Brown | Metanoia | Week 12


4804 Boulevard

4804 Boulevard Ln, North Charleston

Duncan Cheney

Help Duncan with design, drawing, and daily tasks


Monday (4/25):  9:21 – 12:19 

When I first looked at the sketched plan for this house, I had a lot of trouble reading and understanding it.  I wrestled with it for a while and discussed it with Duncan before realizing where the problem was coming from.  Some of my dimensions were slightly off and it was causing a gap in the plan.


Tuesday (4/26):  8:29 – 12:37 

I got the existing plan worked out after adding the second floor as well as window placements.  Once I began working from one corner of the house to the back like Duncan suggested, the plan drawing went by much faster.  


Wednesday (4/27):  8:27 – 1:22 

I worked on cleaning up the drawing in illustrator for a little while on Wednesday morning before meeting with Duncan on Teams and getting some feedback on the new layout.  We also met for lunch before I had to be at the factory for class.


Thursday (4/28):  8:31 – 1:55

I spent all of the day on Thursday making the 4808 Boulevard plan final and uploading all of this semester’s work into a shared Metanoia folder so Duncan has a record of all the projects from the last few months.

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