Reece Brown | 2/14 – 2/17

1919 Carlton Renovation
1919 Carlton, Charleston
Duncan Cheney
Help Duncan with design, drawing, and daily tasks
Monday (2/14):  9-12 
On Monday, Duncan and I visited the site again and took more specific measurements and measurements that we missed last time.  The measurements were then recorded on a floor plan of the house that I made, which made it easy to walk the layout and verify different dimensions of the space.
Tuesday (2/15):  8-12 
I worked on redrawing the plan with the updated measurements.  This redraw consisted of moving window placements, wall placements, and other various aspects of the house.  After the base dimensions were correct, I rearranged the primary bedroom layout to include a bathroom and closet space.
Wednesday (2/16):  8-12 
Wednesday was made up of more of the same work on the drawings I had in progress.  The 1919 Carlton floor plan was copied and a second bathroom layout was created to give us some choices on how the primary bedroom should be laid out.  I also looked over materials for a new project that will be starting soon.
Thursday (2/17):  8-12
I was unable to meet with Duncan on Teams on Thursday because he was traveling, but I continued to work on the plans for 1919 Carlton. I cleaned up the line weights and dimension lines on the illustrator drawing and sent them to Duncan for review.

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